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Health & Safety


Health and Safety is of central concern to our union. It is a basic right for everyone to work in a safe working environment. 

We organise for a safe and healthy working environment so our members can return home safely at the end of each day and enjoy retirement without suffering the adverse consequences of workplace injuries and illness.

We want to actively organise around health and safety to make this happen including participating with employers in managing health and safety wherever possible. 

The EPMU encourages our members to get involved in Health and Safety and to volunteer to become Health and Safety Representatives. Once the union is notified we can organise the training through the CTU/ACC programme

Our vision is healthy, safe and decent workplaces where workers are free from harassment and discrimination. Where work is well organised and expectations are realistic so members are not exposed to unnecessary stress. When injuries have occurred we expect a good rehabilitation and return to work process. 

We cannot take this for granted. A NZ study into workplace occupational disease and injury estimates that in addition to the average of 100 work-related injury fatalities every year

  • Another 700 - 1000 deaths occur due to disease caused by work, particularly cancer, respiratory disease, and ischaemic heart disease, and
  • That there are 17, 000 - 20,000 new cases of work related disease. (NOSAC:2006) 

The Union employs a full time Health and Safety Organiser, Fritz Drissner, who is available to members for consultation and advice. He can assist members in the process of defining a hazards and developing appropriate controls suggestions.

Fritz also provides a training course for union delegates and health and safety representatives that deals with union rights in H&S and how we engage with employers to the maximum benefit of our members. 

Fritz also is a trainer on the CTU/ACC programme. The union offers H&S workshops to H&S committees on specific issues.

You can contact Fritz through the Union Support Centre at 0800 1 UNION, or email