The EPMU's Print & Media Industry is the section of the EPMU that represents 3500 New Zealand workers from areas including commercial print, newspapers, print journalism and radio and television broadcasting.

Our current focus is campaigning toward consolidating bargaining within the commercial print and newspaper sectors through national company documents and pattern bargaining within both sectors of the industry.

Main documents

The major companies in this sector are Fairfax, APN, Allied Press, Pagemasters and NZPA. We have collective agreements at all of these companies and all major daily newspapers both metropolitan and regional.

We are a party with the PSA to collective agreements at Radio NZ and TVNZ.

Commercial Print
Major players in this industry are Blue Star, GEON, PMP, APN and Wickliffe. We have collective agreements with all of these companies covering their various sites and are currently working at consolidating these agreements into national company documents.

Industry Direction

In the Print sector we are aiming for single national company documents for the major companies in the industry with a view to improve industry standards through pattern bargaining.

In the Media sector we are aiming to increase the reach of collective bargaining by improving union density and spreading industry standards on pay and conditions.

Why join?

The EPMU is the union for printers, journalists and media workers. We have a strong presence in the industry and play a key role in maintaining and improving industry standards. If you want better pay and conditions then you need to join the union.

The EPMU is also involved in industry training and the setting of professional standards within journalism. The union provides a voice for journalists on issues of media freedom and news quality.


Printers are affiliated internationally to the UNI Global Union which covers print, graphical and broadcasting members.

Journalists are affiliated internationally to the International Federation of Journalists.