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EPMU Komiti Pasefika

Komiti Pasefika is the EPMU Pacific workers network, which aims to educate current and potential Pacific Island union members and activists.

Komiti Pasefika encourages the involvement of Pacific Island peoples in unions through networking, offering support, providing education and advice and seeking recognition from relevant bodies in order to participate and influence in decision and policy making to meet the needs of PI peoples. 

To get involved with the EPMU Komiti Pasefika contact Eugene Setu via the Union Support Centre on 0800 1 UNION. 


Komiti Pasefika Youth (KPY)

In 2007 the CTU Komiti Pasefika launched the KPY campaign aimed at raising awareness of work rights among Pacific Island youth.

The campaign has so far made use of multi-media, viral emails, text messaging, blogs, media, a website, Bebo, MySpace and radio and TV competitions to get its message across to a youth audience.

The eight objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness about workers' entitlements regarding minimum pay rates, sick leave, annual leave, public holidays, union membership, bereavement leave, Kiwisaver and part time and casual work.

Puataunofo Manukau

The Puataunofo project aims at raising awareness of Health and Safety for Pasefika peoples in the Manukau area and involves the Department of Labour, ACC, the Manukau City Council, the CTU, the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, Pasefika workers and employers.

The goal of the project  is to build a Pasefika workforce informed about Health and Safety issues, a reduction in workplace injuries and improved literacy among workers.

Puataunofo project has most recently launched the ‘Write Your Rights' competition, to encourage Pacific youth to write original music with a health and safety rights message. The campaign is being run in conjunction with Dawn Raid, the Department of Labour and Niu FM. The winner will be judged by an expert music industry panel and have their original composition mixed and mastered at the Dawn Raid studios.