Meeting with your employer

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When you have raised an employment relationship problem with your employer, you and your employer will need to meet to discuss the problem.

This meeting should happen as soon as possible after you have told your employer of the problem. It's best to have someone with you in the meeting - as a support person or advocate. Again, probably the best person in the first instance is your workplace delegate. Your delegate is someone who gets training in dealing with disputes. They are there as your representative and to make sure you get a fair deal. If a delegate is not available, contact the union organiser at the union office for advice.

You will get an opportunity to tell your employer about the problem and how you would like it resolved. Your employer will have the opportunity to explain what he or she thinks about the problem and may suggest ways of resolving it. You and your employer need to discuss how the problem can be resolved and try to get an agreement.

If you and your employer both agree to a solution, the problem is resolved and there is no need to take it further. However, if you and your employer do not agree, then you have the option of taking the problem to the next step in the Mediation process - Assistance from Department of Labour .