Rules part 1: General

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The name of the Union shall be the New Zealand Amalgamated Engineering Printing & Manufacturing Union Incorporated ("the Union").


The Union shall be registered as an Incorporated Society under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and as a Union under the Employment Relations Act 2000, and as necessary under any successor legislation to either of those statutes .


3.1 The registered office ("the National Office") of the Union shall be situated at such place as may be decided from time to time by the National Executive.

3.2 Notice of every change in the address of the National Office shall be given forthwith to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, to the Registrar of Unions and to the membership by the National Secretary.


4.1 The Union shall have a seal which shall bear the name of the Union.

4.2 The National Secretary shall have custody of this seal and it may be removed from his/her custody only by resolution of the National Executive.

4.3 The affixing of the seal shall be witnessed in writing by the National Secretary and one of such other persons as the National Executive may appoint for that purpose.

4.4 The National Executive may at any time renew the seal of the Union.


The objects for which the Union is established are:

5.1 Uniting and Organising Members

To unite all eligible members into one organisation and to organise them for the purposes of advancing their legitimate employment and/or occupational interests on a collective basis and generally attaining the objects of the Union. 

5.2 One Union

To endeavour to bring into existence one Union for the engineering, printing, manufacturing and related trades and/or industries.

5.3 Participation and Influence in Industry

To organise, influence and participate in the development of industries and policies governing industries in which the Union organises workers and to promote the interests of Union members and the community.

5.4 Promotion and Protection of Members' Industrial, Social and Economic Interests

To improve, protect and foster the industrial, social and economic interests of its members including:

5.4.1 To assist members to obtain and enforce their rights in their employment under industrial, social and other appropriate legislation, primarily by way of collective bargaining.

5.4.2 To seek to obtain and maintain just and proper hours of work, rates of wages and other rewards and generally improve working conditions and worker rights.

5.4.3 To promote the economic and social conditions of members.

5.4.4 To provide benefits and/or assistance, financial or otherwise, to members in such manner as the Union shall from time to time decide.

5.5 Associating with Similar Organisations

To affiliate to, federate with, amalgamate with, or otherwise combine with any trade or industrial union or association, or association of trade unions or any other organisation, institution or political party having objects similar to the objects of this Union, and to assist such organisations, with a view to advancing the interests of the union movement and working people.

5.6 Engagement in Activities to Promote Interest of Members

To engage in legislative, political, educational, civic and any other activity which directly or indirectly advances the interests of the members of the Union.

5.7 Education and Training

To develop and provide relevant education and training programmes for officers, delegates, employees and members of the Union to enable them to participate effectively in the organising functions of the Union; and to participate in and influence the delivery of appropriate industrial and vocational skills training and education for members and potential members.

5.8 General

To do any thing which may appear to the Union to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the traditional objects of a trade union.


6.1 The Union shall have and exercise such powers as are necessary and/or desirable for the lawful promotion and advancement of its objects.

6.2 Without in any way limiting the generality or scope of its powers, the Union shall have specific power to

6.2.1 Represent Members

To represent members in respect of their employment interests, by way of collective bargaining and otherwise dealing with employers on their behalf, and by way of representing the Union and members in appropriate Courts and Tribunals in order to enforce employment agreements and other employment rights and entitlements.

6.2.2 Determine subscriptions and make levies

To determine subscriptions to be paid by members, and to make levies upon members for purposes intended to advance the objects of the union.

6.2.3 Hold and Deal With Property

To purchase or otherwise acquire or lease any property, rights or privileges, and to deal with them in any lawful manner in the best interests of the Union.

6.2.4 Invest Funds

To invest and deal with the funds of the Union in any lawful manner in the best interests of the Union.

6.2.5 Borrow Money

To borrow or raise money upon such security as the Union thinks fit and to apply it in the best interests of the Union.

6.2.6 Engage Employees and Appoint Representatives

To engage employees and contractors, to appoint agents and other representatives and to elect or appoint members to honorary positions; to remunerate them appropriately for their services; to reimburse them for expenses incurred in performing their services; and to indemnify them against any liability incurred in the performance of their services.

6.2.7 Enter into Contracts and Obtain Licences

To enter into contracts and agreements, and to obtain licences, powers and authorities, in pursuit of the objects of the Union.