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EPMU Runanga & Hui

He mihi nui, he mihi aroha hoki atu tenei kia koutou, nga mema o EPMU.

The EPMU Runanga is a section of the union dedicated to making sure Maori have a voice in the union's operations. One of the major roles of the Runanga is to develop education materials with a Maori focus for the hui.

The Runanga is in turn democratically elected by EPMU members who choose to attend the hui.


At the inaugural EPMU Runanga meeting held in 2002, much of the discussion was focused on the way we teach our delegates.

Historically, the delivery of education has mostly taken a broad-band approach. That is to say, that essentially, one size fits all. This is not a criticism of the way we currently deliver education but rather, an acknowledgement that when targeting a specific group of people, (industry bargaining as an example), we need to tailor an approach that will meet their needs of the learners.

Of equal importance is the need to ensure that our education is meeting the strategic aims and objectives of our union.

The funding that has been allocated will allow us to run additional training courses in venues and locations where demand is high.

To date hui have been extremely successful in generating workplace union activism.

Future Hui

Hui are not the exclusive domain of Maori and we encourage participation by all members. Hui are run over 3 days and are residential at local marae where we hold them. Maori protocol is followed when living on the marae.

If you would be interested in participating in future hui, please contact your local organiser or call the Union Support Centre on 0800 1 UNION.

We will soon be posting an updated list of Runanga members & representatives.